Swimming Pool Timers

If you are having trouble keeping the energy costs down while using your pool, then a timer might be the best thing that you can use. You can use timers in different situations with your pool. Obviously, anyone can come up and use the pool as long as the cover is open. What costs money with pool usage is the water heater. Having the water heater on a pre-selected time format works best to save money. The concept with using the timer is that the water heater will be on or off depending upon the time you program it. So, if no one is home to use the pool from 9 am to 3 pm, you can program the water heater to be off during that time.

What about the kids or other people living in the home? What if they change the timer settings?

This is generally one problem with a pool timer. One of the kids or even the spouse might walk up and change the timing, which causes issues for others or leads to the energy bill being even more! If the timer is being adjusted constantly and the water heater is turning on/off/on, it can lead to even more costs in water and energy bills.

To fix this problem, you can "lock out" the settings on some timers. You can do this if the timer has a function to enter a PIN in order to change the settings. Or there may be some sort of unlock code one has to enter in order to change the settings. Look for a "lockable pool timer," this will allow you to lock the settings, and control the timer without any interference from any family members or roommates.

Controlling costs is important with a swimming pool or hot tub

Controlling the cost to run your swimming pool is especially important when you have family members and other people using the pool. Having a controlled system is best, especially one that can be locked down so that others cannot change the programming. A management system is only good if it cannot be tampered with. With money saved on the cost of water, hot water, filters and other swimming pool equipment, the money can be better spent on other things the family requires.

Swimming Pool Timers

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Swimming Pool Timers