Swimming pool & hot tub piping

Sometimes when you are installing a hot tub or swimming pool, there may be some hoses or pipes related to the project that needs to be run. For instance, with a hot tub, you require an intake hose as well as a drainage hose. Of course, you could interchange these hoses when required. Meaning that you use one hose to fill the hot tub, and when you're ready to drain it, you can use the same hose to drain the hot tub. These are things that can be accounted for and taken into consideration before you begin implementing your hot tub or swimming pool project.

Do I need to turn off my water before installing a hot tub?

Generally you will not need to do this, as the hot tub will draw water from any water source. Quite honestly, there is no piping hookup with a hot tub. The normal operation will be to simply fill the tub with water, and then the digital thermostat would be utilized to bring the water temperature up to the level the user wishes. You can reuse the same water for a few days before having to put new water. Cleaning and maintenance is important; you can purchase simple low-cost items to keep the water clean for you. Consult the instruction manual that came with your hot tub to determine when it's a required time to change the water.

Do I need to turn off my water before installing a swimming pool?

Turning off water in the home may be required more so with a swimming pool than a hot tub. It depends how the swimming pool is being installed. If you are having a contractor or installer put in your pool, they will alert you if the water needs to be turned off. Typically, you can live by one golden rule. If there is a water piping hookup required for installing anything - then the water will need to be shut off. This is the same for installing a toilet, a sink, water softener, etc. The main concept of turning the water off is there will not be pressure in the pipes after the install is done. Turning the water off turns off the pressure, which makes it safer for both the installer and yourself.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Piping

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Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Piping