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Domestic Swimming Pools

What better way to complete your outside property, then with a creative and appealing swimming pool -  we believe that the outside beauty of nature cannot be improved. By adding a swimming pool outside your home though, you are certainly improving the look, feel and value of the property. With the addition of so many available swimming pool finishes, you are no longer restricted to only a blue pool with a white finish. There are now many finishes to choose from.

Commercial Swimming Pools

Commercial swimming pools are mainly utilized in hotels, schools, rec centers, etc. Even medical centers now are sometimes having their own swimming pools installed. The concept with a commercial pool is it is there for people who need to use it. In a medical center, patients who are experiencing debilitating diseases may find a swimming pool extremely useful for exercise and to keep healthy.

Indoor Swimming Pools

An indoor swimming pool is not as common as an outdoor, at least not in the residential setting. If you wish to have a residential swimming pool installed in your home, then you need to have the room to do so. You will need a large room which will be able to encompass the size of the swimming pool. A large rectangular room is best. If you don't have a large enough space inside the home, you will not be able to have an indoor swimming pool installed. You may need to look at outdoor in that case instead.

Indoor swimming pools do have a number of advantages. When you are having an outdoor pool installed, you need to talk to every single company who may be running hydro wires, cable wires, phone wires or other through your backyard. More information on this is below. With an indoor pool you don't need to do this. This is especially critical if you do have gas lines or other running through your yard. Many times this is the case and the utility companies have to come out and move the infrastructure. This leads to days, possibly even weeks of delays. But it's critical and you must inform before starting your project. You must also have a permit for either an indoor pool or an outdoor pool.

Notifying the proper authorities

Before you start digging in your backyard, you have to make a few phone calls! That's right. You're going to have to call the phone company, the gas company, the city, the region and even the cable company. Anyone who might be running power lines, gas lines, phone lines or cable lines in your backyard needs to be notified. This is why we generally recommend letting a licensed swimming pool contractor do this work for you. If any of the services get disrupted because you cut the power line, phone line, cable line etc. then you might end up responsible for damages and outages! You might just go bankrupt before you finish the pool project.

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