Vacuuming the Pool to Remove Debris

Sometimes you may find debris in the pool, and you need to remove it. Using a vacuum and attaching it to a telepole is one way to effectively get rid of dirt and debris from the pool. A telepole is a long pole, similar to the one you use with a net on the end to remove debris from the water. You can also purchase a vacuum brush. The vacuum brush is very useful for cleaning the bottom of the pool. It will push
dirt up from the bottom of the pool which will then get sucked up into the vacuum.

Using a Pool Surface Skimmer

A pool surface skimmer basically sits near the top level of the water in your pool. It does not work to remove debris or other from the bottom of the pool. It can be useful, but not for that purpose. A pool surface skimmer is more useful to remove leaves and other items which wind up along the top level of the pool. If you have a bug problem, a pool surface skimmer can help with this as well. Using this automatic pool cleaner will simplify your pool cleaning experience, allowing you more time to have fun and go swimming instead of cleaning.

Vacuum Brush

A vacuum brush is useful because you can both brush and vacuum your pool at the same time. Attached to a telepole, you can get the bottom of the pool scrubbed which will release any dirt or debris which has gotten stuck to the bottom of the pool. Once the stuck on dirt or debris is scrubbed away, the vacuum can be utilized to suck that debris or dirt up and remove it from your swimming pool environment. It is recommended to clean your pool often, to ensure it is sanitary and not any kind of health hazard.

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