Sauna Bench Dimensions

So, what is the ideal dimensions for a sauna room? You need to ensure that heat is not lost in the room. To minimize this from happening, your sauna room typically will have a ceiling height of 7 feet. Saunas can range anywhere from 4x4 up to 8x12 feet. In order to allow a sauna user to lay down, the sauna bench should be 6 feet in a single direction. If you are having space issues and you don't care about laying down, you can have 2 feet of bench space.

The size of the room is important to keep in mind. Bigger room, bigger heater, with more output.

Most saunas have a lower bench, and a higher bench. The lower bench serves as a spot to step up on, in order to reach the top bench and sit down.

Sauna bench dimensions

  • Top sauna bench is usually about 36 inches high
  • Lower bench is usually about 18 inches high
  • Width of the upper bench is usually 18-24 inches

Sauna Bench

Red Cedar Bench 18" X 36"
Amerec Wood Seat
Sauna Calculator

Sauna Bench