Sauna Bucket, Ladle, Other Accessories

A sauna bucket is a convenient accessory to have in your home sauna room. The reason for this is to hold water. While using the sauna, you can use a sauna bucket and ladle to pour water over the sauna heater. This will cause the heater to output steam which soothes the lungs as you breathe it in deep. There are different sizes of sauna buckets available as well to hold different sizes of water. This means less trips to the tap to get water. There are different materials and kinds of sauna buckets available. You can choose a copper sauna bucket, a stainless steel bucket, a wood bucket, etc. All dependent on the theme that you are going for in your sauna room and what kind of appeal you would like your sauna to have.

Wood & Cedar Wood Sauna Buckets

If you have chosen a cedar wood sauna bucket to go with your cedar sauna, then this serves as not only a functional item but also one that matches the decor and theme. Cedar wood saunas are a choice that some prefer to make, as cedar wood is strong, durable, lightweight and does not bend over time. Cedar is a great choice in terms of building a sauna.

Sauna Bucket

Bucket and Ladle for Saunas
Red Bucket and Ladle for Saunas
"Sauna Equipped" Wood Spa Bucket Gift Set
2.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Sauna Bucket and Matching Ladle for Saunas
1 Gallon 2-Tone Wood Sauna Bucket, Plastic Liner with Dipper
Sauna Accessories - copper bucket ACCES-FIN-3465
Sauna Calculator

Sauna Bucket