Western Red Cedar - Ideal for Sauna Construction. Why?

High quality grade clear Canadian Red Western Cedar comes from the forests of British Columbia. These are renewable forests so that the environment is not destroyed when they are removed. The best sauna that you can purchase is made of red cedar. Why? Because they have a fantastic resistance to mold, decay and fungi. Western Red Cedar is also used in the construction of decks, such as your front deck or back deck, due to the durability of the wood. If you are building an outside project that has to withstand weather, erosion and the outdoor elements, then red cedar is typically an excellent choice.

What are the benefits (such as health benefits) to using a Red Cedar sauna?

  • Bathing and sweating in the sauna promotes proper blood flow and circulation
  • Improves function of internal organs like lungs, from breathing in the steam and warm air
  • Improves overall health, less sickness, bolsters immune system

Red Cedar has been in use by tribes for hundreds of years.

Native American people along the northwest coast have been using Red Cedar saunas for many years before they became popular. These natives state that Red Cedar saunas have helped to keep them in good health, kept their skin in good shape, and in some cases, has lead to longer life expectancy of their tribes. Some tribes rely heavily on red cedar. It provides them with many materials, and has provided them with many materials going back hundreds of years. The Western Red Cedar is said to have healing and spiritual powers.
Easy to assemble and best in the industry, Western Red Cedar sauna is put together using stainless steel nails. Stainless steel nails are utilized as they make the cedar wood paneling installation go a lot faster, and a lot easier. Other types of nails do not hold as long and will fall apart faster, which means the sauna loses pressure and the ability to hold steam and vapors inside. This can also leave streaks on the cedar sauna wood as well as stains.

Western Red Cedar

Fire & Flavor Western Red Cedar Wraps, 250-Count Packages
18" X 24" Rectangle Western Red Cedar Floor Mat with Interior Lacquer Finish
Western Red Cedar Plank Slab 8 x 18 x 1.5 inch thick
Western Red Cedar Planter Boxes Natural Medium
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Western Red Cedar