Steam sauna system calculator

Length: Feet Width: Feet Max. recommended
height is 7 ft.
Fiberglass,Acrylic,Cultured Marble - Multiply by 0.80
Ceramic Tile on Cement Board - Mutiply by 1.25
Ceramic Tile on Mortar Bed - Multiply by 1.30
Glass or Glass Block - Multiply by 1.35
Natural stone tiles 1/8"-1/2"(i.e.,marble,travertine,slate,granite,etc.):
On Cement Board - Mutiply by 1.90
On Mortar Bed - Multiply by 2.00
Natural Stone Slabs - Multiply by 2.25
Additional Considerations
(Does not apply to commercial applications)
Exterior Wall(s)(Insulated) - Multiply by 1.10 for each outside wall.
Skylights and outside windows must be double pane and sealed from inside the steamroom. (Select the next size larger generator.)
  Total: Cubic Ft.
Possible model selection:

What is the total square footage of my steam sauna?

What is the total square footage of my steam sauna? How can I determine this? To figure out the total square footage of your steam sauna, you just need to fill this page. First, what is the length, width and recommended height of your area? You can determine your dimensions in two ways. First, you can measure the area that you plan to build a sauna in. Generally, a DIY sauna kit will come with the walls and enclosures that you need. You just need a big enough area to fit the steam sauna.

The other way to determine the total square footage of your steam sauna, is to check the dimensions of the sauna you are purchasing. Input the length, width and height of that sauna. Most saunas all have a standard height. They do not exceed a certain height unless the user is really tall; in which case the steam sauna would have to be custom built. The reason for the height of the ceiling being a constant is because the steam needs to be trapped in the room. It will not stay in the room if the ceiling is too high.

Once you know the length, width and height of the sauna, put it into the calculator. Then choose the material that your sauna is built out of. Choosing the correct material that your sauna is constructed from will change the calculation to the correct setting. The material that the sauna is made from not only plays a determination on the weight and total square footage capacity, but also on the shipping cost of your chosen sauna. A heavier sauna will obviously require more shipping fees, as shipping charges are largely based upon weight of the shipment.