Outdoor Sauna - Infrared & Steam

An  outdoor sauna is a lovely idea. An outdoor sauna can be situated near the pool, so when you're done having a swim, you can use the sauna immediately after. It goes great with the pool or the hot tub, and does not matter whether it's spring or summer - the sauna will always warm up to operating temperature. Another benefit to having an outdoor sauna is you don't need to enter the house after using the pool - so you won't drip water in the house. Having an outdoor sauna is very convenient if you think of how it functions vs. an indoor unit.

You can choose to have either an outdoor steam sauna or an infrared unit. The advantages of having one over the other are talked about on our Steam Sauna vs. Infrared page. There is a table on that page that lists the pros and cons of having each particular type. For instance, an infrared unit is hotter and

Why is having an outdoor sauna advantageous?

Having an outdoor sauna can be beneficial because you can put it right next to the pool. If you have a pool, this is a great feature. Pool users love to jump straight out of the pool and into the sauna. If you have an outdoor sauna built into your pool house, then it's extremely convenient and worthwhile. Some home owners even like to have a pool house which operates as a rec area, as well as a guest house should they have anyone staying with them or visiting. This includes family and friends.

What are the major differences between indoor and outdoor saunas?

The major differences between an indoor and outdoor sauna is that an outdoor sauna is more built for the elements. We don't recommend using an indoor sauna kit and building it outside. The wood has to be cured a special way for outside usage. The grade of wood may be thicker. There will be different materials involved in the construction of an outside sauna as opposed to an indoor sauna.

Outdoor Sauna Kit

 Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 6x8 DLOD68
 Outdoor Bamboo FIR Far Infrared Sauna Spa, 3 Person, All Weather Design
 Outdoor Sauna 4'x4' DreamLine BLOD44
 Cal Heat OD-300 Outdoor Sauna
Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna 6'
 Barrel Sauna Kit - Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room 7' x 7' - Electric Heater
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