4'x4' Home Sauna Kit, Heater & Accessories

Building your own sauna is fast and easy

Home Sauna DIY kit - features pre-built panels, sauna door, benches, accessories for 2 persons - everything you need to build your own sauna.

You too can build your very own 4' by 4' sauna. This could be a project to install a sauna in your basement, by the pool (very convenient), or even building a sauna closet which can easily be hidden inside a wall. Don't feel overwhelmed with the thought of building your very own sauna - it's quite easy to do. If you don't feel confident, you can always bother a friend to come help you. If you get stuck, there are plenty of websites online offering proper instruction, as well as videos and pictures to guide you on your way.

What are the benefits to owning and utilizing a sauna in my home?

  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Toxins are pushed out through the pores when entering a "deep sweat"
  • Sauna users sleep easier and have fewer breathing or lung issues.
  • More energy after using the sauna.
  • Relaxation and rest (R&R)

How to plan your 4' x 4' sauna room size

A 4' x 4' sauna room is cozy, and will cut down on energy costs due to a smaller heater, and smaller circuits,  which leads to less heating cost and energy cost.

Design and layout, and help therein, is all included in one price which we present to you. After you place your order with us, our helpful experts will call you to confirm your order and ensure it works for your available area, as well as your budget. If you have questions, we can answer them at that time. All standard saunas have clear cedar construction.

4' x 4' Sauna

DIY Sauna Kit 4' x 4' - Complete Sauna Room Package - 4 Kw Electric Heater
DIY Sauna Kit 4' x 4' - Infrared Sauna Room Package - 1800 Watt Infared Heater
ThermaSol TMS44BIC Wood Modular Modular 4 x 4 Traditional Sauna Room with 4.5kW Sauna Heater
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4' x 4' Sauna