Outdoor Sauna 4'x4' DreamLine BLOD44

Outdoor Sauna 4x4' Dreamline BLOD44 item model number is used outdoor with interior western red cedar or Redwood paneling. This is provided with moisture proof sauna light, vents and thermometer. Sauna bath always keeps your health in a good condition as it helps increase your body metabolism rate and also improves your skintone. Sauna equipment helps in relaxing your mind and body and helps you get good and peaceful sleep which again is a better basement for good health. A health conscious person definitely prefers to have a sauna in their homes or spas as it is the classical and healthy technique to keep your health up.

 Outdoor Sauna 4'x4' DreamLine BLOD44

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 Outdoor Sauna 4'x4' DreamLine BLOD44
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Outdoor Sauna Kit Specifications

Materialred cedar
Power Source
BulbTypemoisture proof sauna light

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Outdoor Sauna 4'x4' DreamLine BLOD44