Does a pool have to be grounded under the national electrical code?

Is this a real question? Yes, unfourtunately it is. Some users actually do ask this - does the pool need to be properly grounded. There are so many implications here that just getting started may take some time. It's not only dangerous not to ground the pool but could lead to shock as well as death.

First of all, one thing to consider is how electrical current runs through the body. If the body is wet, it is a much better conductor. Imagine you are swimming in a swimming pool, and you get an electrical shock. The shock is amplified much more because the body is wet. If you were dry when receiving a shock, it may not be as bad. But because your body is totally enveloped in water, and the swimming
pool itself is now a conductor, you could actually die from the shock. It can stop your heart and that will be that.


If you are considering installing a swimming pool, please work with a licensed contractor or electrician for the wiring. Do not even ever consider asking a question like this. Always follow the instructions and follow the safety guidelines as closely as possible. Cutting a corner like this can lead to someone winding up dead in your swimming pool, which is really not something you need in your life. Not to
mention you may be charged for manslaughter or negligence resulting in bodily harm or even death.

If someone gets hurt (perhaps even fatally) in your pool, who will be the person responsible? What if there is an investigation? Well, if there is an investigation, one thing the police will start looking at is - who installed the pool? Did you do the work yourself? If so, how was it installed? Police are very thorough and will eventually find the not connected ground wire. Once that happens,
you may wind up in jail.