Is it normal for my nose to run in the sauna? Why is this happening?

Yes, it is normal for your nose to run while in the sauna. It can also happen while using the hot tub. Why is this? Well, your body's really warm. When your body is warm, you sweat. That's how a sauna works, you know. You sweat and all the toxins in your body get pushed out through your pores, so you'll feel healthier and possibly even live longer from using a sauna. Hot tubs might have similar effects but saunas have been proven to have these effects.


Anyways, coming back to runny nose while in sauna. If your nose is not bleeding, you're fine. Runny nose means snot and saliva is existing the body. Let it go! The less germs you have in your body, the better. It's kind of like when you have spicy food. If it's spicy enough, your eyes start to water and your nose starts to run. In a steam sauna, it could be caused from inhaling the steam, or having the steam interact with your nasal cavity. Perfectly normal. If your nose starts to bleed while in the sauna though, get out, take care of that. Shut the sauna off and if it happens again while in the sauna, see a doctor. (This is the nosebleeds we are talking about, not runny nose).

If the stuff coming out of your nose is green - guess what? The sauna did it's job. But it the stuff in your nose is green or yellow and different colors, you need to see the doctor. Doctors can actually tell a lot of things simply from the color within your nose, you know!

Steam Sauna Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)